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Name: Gold
Price: 14.99 USD

[Gold] Prefix in chat

Gold Discord Role in the server

5000 Extra claim blocks

2 Extra Homes - (3 total homes.)

No TP Delay - You no longer have to wait before teleporting!

/workbench - Allows you to access the crafting table anywhere!

/hat - Customize the way your player looks with a custom hat!

/nick - Set a nickname for yourself!

3 Tag Crate Keys - A crate key to win a random tag!

6 Player Particles - Particles that lighten up your character!

Max of 10 Shopkeepers

Able to customise the ShopKeepers in the Shopping District to different mobs:

  • blaze
  • chicken
  • drowned
  • enderman
  • Iron_golem
  • llama
  • mushroom_cow
  • piglin
  • pillager
  • witch
  • + iron rank mobs